DIY Wrapping Paper Tutorial

DIY wrapping paper gift wrap tutorial

It’s that time of year again folks! That time when we mull everything, try to hide from Wham, and ask ourselves questions like “why are the Christmas decs out? It’s only October!”

I’m the first to admit that the holidays have become over commercialised and the true meaning has been lost in seas of marketing campaigns, tinsel and glittery, shiny fluff, but I can’t deny the thrill I feel when Christmas is in the air. There’s just so much good feeling about and everything is so shiny! That said, I’m a mum all year so I’ve learned to be practical about most things. This means I can’t go crazy and satisfy my endless craving for pretty paper because apparently kids need to be fed and stuff (though they seem to think the floor and walls need their food more than they do, but what do I know?)

Fortunately making things is my jam and one way I like to save, is by making my own wrapping paper. I use materials I have in my studio all year round, but these things are available in most average households (and office stationery cupboards) too. Because being practical doesn’t have to mean saying goodbye to all the pretty (and because I’m last minute AF and these are so easy to make that you can whip them up just before running out the door to the in-laws for Christmas dinner), I’ve put together some super simple tutorials for you. They’re so easy that kids can join in too!

DIY gift wrap supplies

You’ll need the following:

  1. Paper- I use a roll of brown packaging paper, but even regular printer paper will work too. Any colour you like!

  2. Ink and/or Paint

  3. Paint Brushes

  4. Sharpies

  5. Brush Pens

  6. A piece of paper or card to protect your work surface


DIY Painterly gift wrap
DIY Painterly gift wrap wrapping paper

For this one, I used gold and black paint and a paintbrush to draw alternating irregular lines across the paper. You can draw them in any direction you want and use any colour combo you fancy.

DIY Gift Wrap
DIY Painterly gift wrap wrapping paper


DIY Painterly Wrapping Paper
DIY Painterly Wrapping Paper

For this design, I painted some rough asterisks in white paint and then added some gold dots in the spaces. Simple! Don’t worry about perfection, just have fun.

DIY Painterly gift wrap wrapping paper
DIY Painterly Gift Wrap


DIY brush calligraphy gift wrap
DIY brush calligraphy gift wrap
DIY Brush lettering gift wrap

Using a brush pen, write diagonally across the paper in cursive. Let some of the words trail off the page for a more artsy look. You can personalise it with any wording you like, including names. How cool would it be to receive a gift covered in your own name?


DIY Gift wrap
DIY gift wrap tutorial
DIY gift wrap tutorial

To make this gift wrap ,simply follow the process for the brush lettered gift wrap using a sharpie. All the methods look fab on printer paper too!

DIY gift wrap tutorial

These are just a few ideas. There are so many unique and creative designs you can create, and in a short amount of time too. Just have fun with it, don’t focus on perfection and enjoy seeing the look on the recipients’ faces when you smugly tell them “I made that.”