My Favourite Calligraphy Supplies

I've been practicing calligraphy for a little while now. In that time, I've amassed quite a collection of tools and supplies. I've discovered through (a lot of) trial and error what works for me and today I'd like to share a few of my favourites with you. The best part is that each of these items is available just a short stroll away in my online store (shameless plug)! My store only has items in it that I personally use, so if you've been inspired by any of my calligraphy work, it's a good place to start your search for supplies. Okay plug over, let's get into it.

1. Ash Bush Marbled Oblique Carrot Pen

To create calligraphy, you need a good pen. It doesn't have to be super fancy like mine but let's be real here; pretty pens make writing a lot more fun. I particularly like this pen for the comfort factor (and because it's so pretty!). The thick body makes gripping more comfortable and it's very lightweight. It's a great pen for people who need to learn how to grip a calligraphy pen properly, or have joint issues like arthritis. If oblique is not your thing, it's also available in straight. If you fancy having a go at creating your own pen masterpiece, try one of the Paint-It-Yourself pens here

2. Finetec Watercolor Metallic Paints

This calligraphy was created using my Finetec palette on matt black envelopes.

This calligraphy was created using my Finetec palette on matt black envelopes.

There's a bit of a learning curve with this bit of kit, but once you've figured it out, it's a great ink substitute. It writes like an absolute dream and gives your work a beautiful metallic sparkle. The paints are opaque so show up very well on dark surfaces. They're fab for both dip pen and brush calligraphy. They're great for regular painting too!

3. Ash Bush Envelope Drying Rack

You've probably been there before ( I know I have): you've just finished addressing a beautiful pile of envelopes or creating some lovely cards. You spread them out on your table to dry. Then you nudge one by accident, it slides a little way, and then they SMUDGE (cue crying face emoji) and all your hardwork is ruined.

Well now you can! (I don't know why I said that, but that sentence was in like every commercial I watched in America).

But seriously, you'll be able to avoid mishaps like this with this drying rack, created specifically to hold your work as it dries. It's made with unfinished wood so you could totally dress it up with paint, glitter, decoupage (maybe not decoupage) or whatever takes your fancy. You could create a work or art to hold your works of art. I wonder if there's a drying rack to hold your drying rack while it dries? (I know, I ask all the hard hitting questions).

4. Mixing Jar

This little dude has been invaluable to me. I use it for my workshops, to mix custom colours, to hold water when I'm painting, and it's the perfect size to travel with if you'd like to create inky art on the go. I've heard they make great shot glasses too but I haven't tried that (no really, I haven't. It's water in there I promise!)


If any of the items above have caught your fancy and you just have to have it, you can visit my store here to cop yours. You can also grab a 5% discount off your purchase by entering the code FAVETHINGS at checkout. 

Thank you so much for checking out my blog, please come back soon!

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