The Ollie's Studio Christmas Gift Guide

It's that time of year guys (just in case you hadn't noticed). Now I know Christmas is about family and love and blah blah blah but let's be real here: gifts are a big part of it (also chocolate). Other than donating to charity, the most meaningful way to make an impact on individual lives at Christmas (and at any other time of the year really), is to shop with small independent businesses. Your purchases literally put Turkey (or tofurkey, I don't judge) on their tables and gifts under their trees and could play a part in making this Christmas the best ever for them. Just imagine their children's faces lit up on Christmas morning and knowing you did that (because let's face it, kids are all about the gifts). With this in mind, I've put together a little gift guide featuring some amazing and hardworking small businesses for you to shop from this year.

1. Laser Cut Calligraphy Baubles

What is Christmas without baubles? Do you even want to find out? Don't be weird dude. This year I decided to hop on the bauble train but wanted to do it a bit differently. So I created non-traditional baubles incorporating all my favourite trends from this year: laser cuts, geometrics, metallics, calligraphy and silk ribbon. I think I kinda nailed it. These baubles are modern AF but won't look out of place on your granny's tree either and the organic hand torn silk ribbon provides the perfect contrast. With different colour, ribbon and word combinations, you'll be (very slightly) spoiled for choice. There's a very limited quantity available so go get yours before they're all gone. 

laser cut baubles

2. Handpainted Baubles

Oh Wonder Calligraphy creates the most gorgeous handpainted baubles and will personalise them in her beautiful calligraphy too. They're available in ridiculously stylish colours and each one is totally unique. Go buy one (or ten) and keep her little doggie Link in ham this Christmas.  


3. LifeStyled Planners

If you're anything like me (you poor thing), and you've decided that 2018 is the year you get your shit together and become a real adult, you NEED one of these babies. Lifestyled planners are not only really f**cking gorgeous, they'll help you organise the shit out of your life (I mean literally, you can schedule when to poo). They also come with goodies like pull out wall planners and meal planning downloads. Also the ladies behind the business are absolute babes. I've got my eye on the rose gold one. I hope I've remembered to tell my husband he's getting me one (see if I had the planner already I could have scheduled that in). It also doesn't hurt that they're very instagrammable and make for some sexy flat lay fodder. Go get one before they disappear.

Lifestyled Planners

4. The art of a good drink

The watercolour genius that is De Winton Paper Co has created a series of original art pieces with beautiful handpainted renditions of our favourite drinks recipes. Whatever your tipple, you'll find something for you, and if nothing works, the lovely Harriet takes custom orders too. Be honest, aren't these the classiest boozy prints you've ever seen?


5. Calligraphy Workshop Gift Vouchers

Ollie's Studio has created a really exciting workshop program for 2018, and what better way to help someone with their new year resolutions than to gift them a new skill? You can purchase a voucher for a private or group workshop and a pretty personalised gift voucher will be sent out to you to deliver, or directly to the recipient if you prefer. Get in touch with us to order and discuss options. 

Modern calligraphy workshop gift vouchers

6. Personalised Mugs

The total babe behind Beyond Vintage creates amazing personalised mugs that are perfect for teacher gifts, boss gifts, employee gifts, random person on the street gifts.... like do you even need a reason to buy one of these for everyone you know? They're lush and I really want one (mental note: must subtly hint to husband). So buy a few, instagram the heck out of them and make me jealous.

Personalised mugs

7. Nice List Certificates

So your kid has been an angel this year... I'll wait for you to stop laughing. Still laughing? You done mate? Ok... let it all out. Now where were we? Your kid has been an angel this year. You said you were done laughing!! Anyway, buy these certificates from Wonderland Invites. The lovely Jenna will even personalise them for you in hand written calligraphy. At the very least, your kids will look back on it and treasure it and it'll make you smile. Kids aren't always angels, but they have such beautiful little souls that deserve to be celebrated. Santa definitely thinks so ;)

Nice List certificate

8. Fabulous Posters

So it's the end of the year and it's time to show gratitude *cough* kiss ass *cough* for everything you've received this year. You could send a card, sure, but why not stand out from the crowd of grateful people with a fabulous poster by Anon Design? Your boss will definitely remember you come bonus time.


9.  Dream Catchers

If you're a boho babe (or dude), you'll love this next one.  Suzanne Oddy Design is quite masterful with a laser (totally picturing her attacking bits of wood with a light saber), and creates the most unusual pieces of art. I adore her dreamcatchers and I think you will too. They come personalised too. Go get one and swan around like the boho goddess (or god) you are (and make sure you Instagram that shit cos I wanna see it!)

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