Top 10 Stationery Trends for 2018 or Stuff I Like and Want You To Like Too

2017 was a great year for weddings and 2018 is set to be even better. We say this about every year tbh but I'm actually really excited about what (I think) is coming up next year. Full disclosure, this is just a list of the things I liked working on that I'm hoping will make it into next year. Total authority on weddings over here. Stop rolling your eyes and just look at the pretty pictures, please and thanks. I also promise not to mention ultraviolet (cadbury purple) at all.

1. Laser Cut Signage 

I loved laser cut signage this year. It's a fab way to show your guests where things are and lead them where you want them to go. They're available in so many finishes and make great wall art after your wedding.

2. Calligraphy ... On everything

Wood, glass, acrylic, bits of semi precious stone, paper, whatever your surface, I've most likely written on it this year. The modern calligraphy trend is one I didn't expect to fall in love with, but I'm obsessed! I hope this trend never goes away, and if you'd like to start your own obsession, come check out our workshops.

3. Gold Leaf 

It's so pretty.... And so annoying. I've put it on everything this year (even my babies). The end result is always so beautiful and I guess we need to suffer for our art. So long may it reign. 

4. Minimalism

More couples are opting for pared back design with the focus on typography. Bring the drama with illustrated liners or bold coloured envelopes.  

5. Vow Books

Vow books have been a thing in America for a while now and I'm so pleased to see the trend making its way over here. You can now choose from simple paper notebooks, to fancy hardcover silk or velvet books. Ours are made with archival materials and will last long enough to be passed on to the next generation. Plus they're super fancy and look amazing in photos. Just saying.

6. Escort Displays

Escort card displays are a sweet alternative to table plans and place cards and are cost saving too. The styling options are limitless so you can get really creative with this. One of the weddings I worked on this year used personalised cocktail stirrers in champagne glasses as an escort display. And speaking of cocktail stirrers...

7. Personalised Cocktail Stirrers


These make great place cards/keepsakes for wedding guests and they come in different finishes too. Plus, your guests will always know which drink is theirs, and they will not accidentally drink paint water like a friend (me) once did. 

8. Unconventional Table Plans

Barn doors, giant mirrors, hanging frames, champagne displays and creative escort card displays are taking over from the standard mounted or framed paper plans. They're such a great way to add your individual stamp to your wedding. 

8. Laser Cut Table Decorations

laser cut acrylic table number
Laser cut acrylic place names

Paper will always be my first love, but with all the creative things you can do with other materials, why not include them in your wedding? Acrylic, wood, metal. stone etc can be cut to create fantastic decorations and keepsakes for your wedding guests. 

9. Vellum

Vellum is one of my favourite trend predictions for next year. The transparency gives stationery an ethereal but uber modern look. Layer it with heavier material and combine with dark envelopes for really stand out stationery.

10. Wax Seals

Wax seals are elegant AF and with royal wedding season around the corner, I expect they will be quite popular next year. With custom seal designs available and so many wax colours to choose from, you too can create that "fresh from the palace" feel in your wedding stationery. I gotta say breaking open a perfectly placed wax seal makes me feel so fancy. Why not make all your guests feel fancy too?

And that's it for my trend predictions aka stuff I like and want you to like too list. Did I miss anything out? Is there anything you want to see trending next year? You should totally tell me in the comments because I'm part of the stationery mafia and we can totally make it happen. But keep that on the DL ;)

Happy Holidays!

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